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Amneal Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a Multi-National Pharma Giant with a global presence and is one of the leaders in the generic medicines manufacturing industry.

Considering that the headcount was 245, which is quite high is relation to the available floor space, the focal point of our design was “Optimum Utilization of Space”. Team Vertex picked up the challenge and delivered a design to accommodate the desired headcount with our Unmatched Design Excellence along with all the service areas, enclosures, discussion rooms, telepods etc.

Team Vertex did immense efforts and R&D to understand the aesthetical requirement & taste of Amneal and proposed the Bright & Simple type attire of aesthetics which was immensely appreciated by their management being exactly in line of their perceptions.

Head Counts
Execution Duration
90 Days.
Carpet Area
20,000 sft.
Prahladnagar, Ahmedabad.